A3066 night working

Thanks to the Dorset highways team and their positive efforts to help local communities, huge praise

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Thanks to Dorset Highways

Dorset County Council are 

carry out resurfacing works on the A3066 between Melplash and Beaminster at night after listening to the views of residents and businesses in Beaminster.

The work was due to be carried out during the day but will now be completed under a night-time closure between 10pm and 7am from Monday 1 August 2016 until Friday 19 August, on weekdays only. This will minimise disruption to the local community, residents and businesses.
Last year, the council surveyed its highway network and found that the section of the A3066 from Melplash to Beaminster needed to be resurfaced because of low skid resistance.
The scheme was originally programmed to be delivered under a day-time road closure in June and July. However, this conflicted with the school exam period and the shuttle bus that runs between Bridport and Beaminster. As a result, the county council postponed the works until the school holiday period.
Reprogramming the works is difficult as the council has a very busy resurfacing programme with a value of £5 million. It is also essential that these works are completed before the winter as the road is likely to deteriorate further and could become dangerous. A number of collisions have been reported on this section of road over the last few months.
The works were programmed to take place under a day-time closure because:
The road is not wide enough to complete the work safely next to moving traffic using traffic lights and convoy vehicles

There is limited room to accommodate temporary lighting on the carriageway verges

Working at night increases the risks to staff

The type of material and method of construction requires staff to work next to moving machinery

Carrying out the works at night is now possible using an alternative material and different method of construction. However, this will increase the cost of the works by £50,000 and mean that the surface material is less durable and will need to be treated again in the future.
Single traffic flow is still not possible due to the width of the carriageway, so diversion signs will be in place.

The council will work with local landowners, residents and businesses to minimise the disruption where possible.
Residents, businesses and road users will be informed of the works by:
Advanced notice signs on the edge of the road before the works start

A signed diversion route during the works

Additional signage advising the public that businesses in Beaminster are open as usual

Information letters sent to residents and businesses directly affected by the works later this week.

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Beaminster Festival

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Salwayash footpath link for village is open

The long awaited Salwayash footpath is now open and what a fantastic over 150 people attendance this morning as all those involved gathered to officially use it, all ages, dogs and children scooting and buggies.  Too many thanks to mention, it was a real example of the community family coming together.  More pics to follow but here is the proof of the first of many walks, not drives. 

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Great news, new train link for Weymouth, Dorchester, Sherborne & more

Perhaps it could end up being permanent, that would be a fantastic result

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Users of bus route 42

As you are aware the county council withdrew the subsidy it paid to support bus route 42. A great deal of work has been going on since that decision using the determination by the transport team and elected members to find alternative solutions.
The users of the bus 42 to reach their final destination of Bridport voiced concerns when I travelled with them, so I’m pleased to inform that solutions to get us through what might turn out to be another option in the future, the following is in place for residents.  

Working with Dorset Community Transport, we have this:

The operation is evolving and I hope we can list the routes being undertaken shortly.

However, Drimpton, North Bowood and Bowood are being served by a Plusbus operation which has been enhanced having previously operated direct to Bridport from Marshwood and Thorncombe. We are using departure times similar to those used by Damory service 42. Any interested passengers should contact us direct in order that they can be registered.

Dorset Community Transport can be contacted on 01258 287 984.
So, Work continues to make other links and continually assess the demand by residents. Drimpton and the Bowoods are particularly mentioned because they do not have other buses but residents along that previous route from Broadwindsor and Salway Ash are also included but do have another bus service they could use too. 

Feedback is most welcome 

Best wishes Rebecca

Email r.knox@dorsetcc.gov.uk

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Thanks for the instant reaction all to my update.  Makes me think you might want one weekly?  I’m so thrilled folk want to get involved, thank you. I want to help really devolve collective decision making. Keep telling me what you want.

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