Beaminster No 40 Bus

Users of the number 40 bus are obviously concerned about various reports stating that the route has been de-registered.  This has happened but it does not mean for sure that the route will no longer be served.  It is a legal procedure, and whilst organisations look at the route for re-registering, it leaves a bit of a vacuum about not knowing how it will continue.  But there is time, plenty of it, commercial confidential discussions need to take place.  Please let these continue, for this route and others, so that an all round satisfactory conclusion can be found.   The 40 is a really important inter urban route, providing much needed rural connections and of course a link between our area and Yeovil College.  So continue to use it, as so many do and have increased the numbers from a few years ago.

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Dorset County Council Election 2017

Thank you everyone in the Beaminster area division for your support, not just those who voted for me but for everyone who voted – our area had an incredibly high voter turnout for a local election which is fantastic, local democracy is so important.  I will work harder than ever for you all and for Dorset.  I would like to thank all for your votes, messages of encouragement and to the many who supported me behind the scenes, too many to mention, but was invaluable not just during the past months but for the years since my last election.  I look forward to continuing working with you and for you.

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The Dorset NHS Clinical Commissioning Group public engagement on GP services

I thought it might help to post a summary from the NHS CCG about their current public engagement strategy concerning the future of GP services.  There is a longer more detailed document available from their website too.  There is the opportunity to have your say about local services, keeping them closely embedded in local communities.  They are truly valued.

The Link to the larger Primary Care Commissioning Strategy is Dorset NHS website

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There is no better way than to spend the day in West Dorset

I have lived in West Dorset all my life, but every trip out and about reveals another view of how we all are ensuring the communities we value adapt to meet new ways of working, moves with the times but also adapts to ensure West Dorset thrives and protects at the same time the beauty and traditions of where we live. I was out and about today in the Marshwood Vale area, Stoke Abbott, Pilsdon, Laverstock, Broadwindsor, Salway, Dottery.  There is so much going on to sustain rural businesses, farming and a real vision for what young people can get involved with locally so they see a future working and living here.  We have great schools, a fantistic loyalty to locally produced food and drink.  I would like to hear from you about what you want to change to help our area even more.   Please tell me, I’m here to help.  Rebecca

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Dorset County Council Election 4 May

I am standing as your local candidate for Beaminster and the local area which is so important, for the Dorset County Council election on 4 May.  I hope you have my election brochure.  I have been out and about and have had some really helpful talks about what you feel is important for the area.   I will continue to be out and about, but as you know, this is no change for me since I am always on hand to help with whatever issues you have and ready to discuss those you feel need to be aired.  My contact details whether for social media or direct email are all available if you search Rebecca Knox Dorset and on the leaflet.  But if you cannot do that, please post on this site.  And if you would, please post on the like button on facebook, that would be great.  My details are of course on all publications.  I have much to add to my election brochure so if you do want more detail please let me know.  If you would like a local meeting just say.  If you don’t have my leaflet please let me know   I can email it





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Beaminster & area update

Parnham House – you are all aware of the devastating fire in the early hours this morning.  I was there just after 8am and can assure you that of course our Fire & Rescue Service and Police were working fantastically to put the fire out and investigate how it started.  Beaminster Fire Crews were praised for the way they arrived on the scene and established the ground control.  I know that everyone wants to understand what happened, up at the Littlewindsor pt-pt races this afternoon and around the villages and town I heard how you all feel a great sadness, which it is.  Please let the police know if you saw or heard or might of heard or seen anything odd in the area.  At the same time this is a personal tragedy for the family, so please respect that and I am sure all our thoughts are with them at this really hard time, respect their privacy.   The local footpaths around Parnham are closed, and this is understandable at this time.



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Broadband Update for Broadwindsor area

Faster broadband is now available to people in Littlewindsor thanks to Superfast Dorset . . . and we need your help as local community leaders to spread the word.


Maximising the number of people who take up superfast broadband brings many benefits – more connected communities, economic growth and it help us shift more public services online. Early and high levels of take-up also bring in money that can be reinvested in greater speeds and coverage across Dorset.


Residents and businesses won’t get faster broadband automatically. People must contact their supplier and ask to switch to a fibre service. Superfast broadband is now cheaper than ever. The cost will depend on what the customer orders, but prices can be comparable to standard broadband.


We will shortly deliver the attached leaflet to all homes in Littlewindsor which are able to order fibre broadband. More information about the fibre to the premises (FTTP) technology delivered in Littlewindsor can be seen at


Thank you for your help in letting people in Littlewindsor know they now have access to the fastest fibre broadband speeds in Dorset.

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