Broadband for Rural Dorset – Beaminster and ALL surrounding villages – Rebecca Knox supports

Getting broadband for as many residents of Dorset and the rural areas in particular is a really important issue. It is very much so for us in West Dorset where small businesses, the farming community and self employed workers from home need it, let alone all residents who do need to use the mobile network too to get a down load speed which means they can be in touch with their families, young people doing their home work, it just goes on and on about the reasons we need it in rural areas. It is particularly important for the West Rural Dorset area where transport, whether roads or buses challenging, and being able to communicate from a place rather than travel is key.  Sign up to help get the right network for us and the County – we need as many people as possible making their demand for Broadband known – it’s a click to do  Parishes are being asked to nominate people to get involved in developing the plans – please make your parish plans known on the site – all of them I have seen indicate that parish plans, which residents have formed, say broadband is a key priority for their areas.


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