Have your say on Buses, shape the service for West Dorset

This is really important if you value the bus network, particularly the rural areas where use is sporadic at times but essential for many:
From the Bus Department at DCC:
Residents are being asked to help shape the future of the public transport
network in Dorset.
Dorset County Council is consulting with members of the public to find out
what their travel priorities are, which will help important decisions to be
made about the future of local bus services.
Although the majority of local bus services in Dorset are operated by bus
companies on a commercial basis, the county council subsidises many
socially necessary bus services through contracts with bus operators.
At the moment, around 11 million individual journeys each year are made by
bus in Dorset with about 25% of these being made on these subsidised
Councillor Peter Finney, Cabinet member for highways and transportation,
said: “We want as many people as possible to complete our questionnaire
about how they use public transport.
“Subsidised bus services cost nearly £3m a year and we want to make sure
that this money is being spent supporting as many essential needs as
possible, while at the same time providing value for money.
“We are continuing to work with bus operators to encourage them to run as
many services as possible without subsidy, where routes are commercially
Questionnaires can be completed online or downloaded from
http://www.dorsetforyou.com/busconsultation, where a list of the subsidised local
bus services can also be found.
A separate questionnaire is available for people who use, or are thinking
of using, community transport such as community car or community bus
The deadline for the submission of these surveys is Monday 15 April 2013.
For further information on the consultation please visit
http://www.dorsetforyou.com/busconsultation or telephone 01305 224535.

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