The role of Beaminster County Councillor is varied and great

Today, and I will not post what I do everyday I promise, but it was a great day: today was one that went from a meeting about finance, which is tight but needs to be levered into the right direction for our area; next live interview on BBC Radio Solent on Beaminster Job Club, how great is that for our area, being broadcast as the positive thing that we are doing here to help those who are seeking work – if only there was a BBC Radio Dorset, but that is another issue; then volunteering at the Beaminster Job Club, 12.30-2.30 on Wednesdays, busy today but with some great positives I hope for those who came in; then onto a meeting down very very wet fields to look at drainage problems for a local farm. And then all the emails, whether residents or official, all which I reply to within 24hrs at most.


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2 Responses to The role of Beaminster County Councillor is varied and great

  1. Molliana says:

    Can you tell me what the roadworks in Melplash are all about? It is Wessex Water, but can you tell me what they are actually doing? It looks like an enormous project. Thanks.

    • Hi, from memory it is new waste station for the houses about the field (sceptic tank on a major scale)…when they finish it should be quite discreet, the local parish council looked at the plans in some detail to ensure it was not obtrusive

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