Beaminster Tunnel – working towards its opening

Beaminster Tunnel update

I have been continuing discussions with the highways team at DCC. I have called for maximum work time spent on all aspects – whether this on the slopes, the ends of the tunnel, road surfacing, drainage – all daylight hours and 7 days a week, and night time working if possible.

As the progress continues, the teams need to continually assess the way to open the road/tunnel to one lane traffic with traffic lights, so that cars might at least be able to travel through earlier than when the whole works have finished.

There are different teams of engineers being used, depending on the task – if all are coordinated to look at working in such a way to get the road opened in even a limited form, that needs to be done, to get the Tunnel road opened as early as possible.

I am continually challenging the highways team to look at ways to speed up any of the operations – if you have any suggestions, please let me know so I can put them to the officers.

Beaminster Tunnel - 11 March

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One Response to Beaminster Tunnel – working towards its opening

  1. Martin Raper says:

    I cannot understand the difficulties with landowners. Are they not members of Our Community ? Do they not wish to help us ? I read in ‘View From Online’, that some landowner(s) are still denying us access after a whole year ! As it was their land that fell on our road, they should be doing all they can to help rather than hinder.
    Please can these landowners in our community be named and shamed ? Who are they, that don’t want our tunnel fixed ?

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