Beaminster Annual Parish Meeting – good turnout, tunnel update

I was of course at the Beaminster Annual Parish meeting where there was an excellent presentation from Beaminster Future, the volunteer team who are putting together the Beaminster Action Plan, as a result of the response from residents from a comprehensive questionnaire, it was really good. I go to all parish and town meetings, some clash because I cover a big area, but it is so important to hear what residents think and want answers about. Saying that, residents know that they can email me or visit this site and ask and get a response within 24hrs.

I gave an update on the Beaminster Tunnel – two key things for the communities affected, there will be a public meeting to update everyone attended by the specialist engineers now on site doing the nailing; and an opportunity for a number of interested residents to go on site at the Tunnel to see for themselves what is happening. I so believe in transparency. Anyone wanting to go on the site visit need to email me or drop their contact details into the Yarn Barton Community Centre at Beaminster – the first local site visit can accommodate only 12 sadly, so names will be put into a box and drawn out. I am sure many would like to go and see, but it is still unsafe and needs to be conducted according to work conditions hence a limited number. But get your name in if you want to be part of the ballot to go on the visit.

I have some more answers to questions I ask and will post them tomorrow. It is important to let people know what is going on all the time and as through as many means as possible.

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