Beaminster Tunnel – a bit more

There is an update –

Last week a group of some dozen plus residents, reflecting many of the villages (Broadwindsor, Mosterton, Dibberford, Blackdown, Drimpton and Beaminster) and local businesses went up to the Tunnel site to see what works were being done and I am so grateful for their response. In summary they saw how hard the works are and how extensive, the teams are working at full stretch. I have asked DCC to take a media team and hope that another local visit might take place at some stage.

I was given an update on this visit on Thursday of last week, and the opening date of the Tunnel was given as third week of July – mid July. Since then, because access on the South Side of the Tunnel is now OK we now hear, so sadly, that problems have emerged and nails won’t work on particular south of Tunnel sections. This just goes to show that this is not straightforward. So the new date according to the latest PR from Dorset County Council is end of July – I am very frustrated by this, as I am sure many of you are. I will be asking for more detail on this tomorrow. BUT, we do need safety to be paramount and confidence in the Tunnel.

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