Beaminster Tunnel Update

This is from the DCC Tunnel Team – 20 June 2013. Photo link

Latest progress

· We have access to all but a very small area of land, which won’t affect the tunnel opening date of end of July. We hope to have the 20 nails in place in this land in the next two weeks.

· Work is continuing to install the remaining soil nails. Many of these are in the hardest to reach places and are being inserted using abseiling teams.

· On the south side, the specialist ‘Enkamat’ (matting which controls the erosion of the surface soil) is starting to be laid. This will be flattened and pulled tight when the chain link ‘mesh’ is laid on top and fixed to the nails. This ‘mesh’ is the strong layer to hold the slopes in place.

· Extra drainage has been put in place in the small wet area at the southwest corner. The gabions (stone filled wire baskets) will start to be installed next week.

· The northern reinforced concrete headwall has been finished and the masonry stone is onsite ready to rebuild the original headwall. The stone has been specially chosen to blend in with the listed structure stonework.

· Preparation work is underway for the foundations of the southern reinforced concrete headwall.

Town Council meeting – Monday 24 June

· Dorset County Council principal engineer Matthew Jones will be giving a short update on the progress of the works at 6.30pm, before the start of the meeting.

Volunteering for Dorset Fire and Rescue

Would you like to find out more about volunteering for Dorset Fire & Rescue? Here is some information. It would be really good to have some Community Volunteers to cover the Beaminster area.


Dorset Fire & Rescue Service has a thriving volunteer community who give their time throughout the county. Our Community Volunteers form part of the team based on their local station, volunteering in their station areas, working together to make their community safer.

With new volunteer opportunities coming up on a weekly basis there is a wide variety of events to get involved with.

DFRS Community Volunteers are a valued part of the team, giving from two hours a week to assist the delivery of Community Safety Messages. They are provided with a full uniform, out of pocket expenses and training, along with support on a daily basis.

We operate a flexible system where you can take a break from volunteering without leaving the service.

If you think you might be interested in making your local community safer, through delivering Home Safety Message, gathering referrals for Home Safety Checks or completing home Safety Checks please contact the Volunteers line on 01305 753160 or email

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