Beaminster Tunnel and Other Local Matters Update

Beaminster Tunnel – headlines – all set for end July, last nail in..more photos from yesterday now posted on the flicker system – the link below. 

Rain is not good but last week the crew worked through the three day down pour – let’s hope they can continue, and get it opened ASAP – they really are working fast but as safely as they can.

Latest progress

(Images available online at

 ·        All of the soil nails are now in place.

 ·        On the south side, the laying of the specialist ‘Enkamat’ (matting which controls the erosion of the surface soil) is nearly finished. The chain link ‘mesh’ is being laid on top of the matting and fixed to the nails (see below image), it will then be tightened to hold the slopes in place.

 ·        The ‘Enkamat’ is starting to be laid on the northern slopes.

 ·        Work has started on building up the masonry stone head wall on the northern side of the tunnel. On the southern side the foundation and steel work for the reinforced concrete headwall is finished and the concrete will soon be poured into place.

 ·        Early next week, the gabions (stone filled wire baskets) will be installed in the small wet area at the southwest corner.

 ·        Work is still on progress for the tunnel to reopen by the end of July.

  OTHER LOCAL MATTERS – for the area

Help During the School Holidays

There are lots of families, children and their friends looking for help during the summer holidays, whether it is childcare or activities for kids – take a look at the Dorset online directory –

Tel: 01305 221066

Beaminster Job Club

If you missed it in our first year – we really are here to help – every Wednesday at the Yarn Barton Community Centre – 12.30-2.30.  Over 50 people have passed through our doors so far and there is success, local jobs found for local people.  Please come along, whether you are looking for work, need help with your CV or want to practice for interview or just want to talk about what you might be looking for in the future and are unsure.  All confidential. All the volunteers have specialist knowledge and are there because they really want to help, having been in the same situation, or are in business, self employed, worked in human resources – their experience is professional and varied.  They are volunteers so are there because they really want to help.

Person to Place Transport

We live in a rural area where buses rarely pass when we need them – there is a great service provided by people in our communities who will take you, from where you live to the key appointments or shops you need to get to.  Call 01305 221053 to book a trip or find out about the local service during working hours.  And if you might be someone who might be a driver call the number or let me know and I will put you in touch with the service.  It’s safe, cheap, and does suit those who need to get to things like hospital, medical appointments, essential shopping trips – essential being that you live somewhere where there is no bus, you have no car and there is no shop in the village or area where you live.  Just try it and see how it suits you.

Beaminster Big Day – 7 July 2013 – this really is a day for all – and wearing my Chairman of the Dorset Fire Authority hat I really hope you can bring your families along to see all that Dorset Fire & Rescue are helping with and displaying to promote home safety.  It was one of the great attractions last time and not only are they there but there is the Teddy Parachute, local produce, games and masses for all the family to enjoy.  The programme is available here on Beaminster Community Web Site

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