Beaminster Area Update – Tunnel, Job Club, Fresh Food Bank, Big Day, Broadband, Fire Safety Local Radio etc

10 July 2013

Beaminster Tunnel Opening

The latest today is that it’s all set to open in about two weeks, i.e. the end of July. You might be hearing that workers will still be on site in September, well yes, there is still lots to do, BUT it should be open for traffic, controlled by lights, end July. This weather helps a great deal. The HUGE plaque, to replace the one of the north side, is in place, the road needs resurfacing in the Tunnel, but all set at this stage.

Beaminster Job Club

The Beaminster Job Club has gone from strength to strength, in a very steady way. We are now going to put a big push forward in September, having been operating a year with our loyal volunteers and helping over 50 people, for young people 16 years plus who need to either stay in school/education or get employment with training, we are open for all of course. If you would like to join the team please let me know, or if you are looking for its help we open on Wednesdays 12-30pm-2.30pm at the Yarn Barton Centre in Beaminster. We are really looking for people who might help us reach younger people, so if you are a parent of a 16 yr old we would really like to hear from you, just to find out more about contact. We will be running interview preparation workshops, CV writing workshops from September onwards, thinking of the young people in particular.

Fresh Food Bank

This is a great add on to the Food Banks which are established in the area, as you see in the Yarn Barton Community Centre – you can now help out with providing the opportunity for the families who need support in hard times with fresh fruit, veg, meat and their specific needs for stuff from the chemist by buying vouchers at Fruit n Two Veg, Nick Tett Butchers and Beaminster Pharmacy. These three independent shops have provided the opportunity for those who can to spend a little more to do what so many have asked for – how do we give fresh food, and specific needs? – things that people individually really need to make a difference. It is easy – just go into the three shops, ask to put on a bit on you are buying, a few £s or pennies to your shop, and those families who need it most will get your donation. The Beaminster Children’s Centre is ensuring it reaches the people who need it most.

Beaminster Festival and Big Day

Talking to the shops owners, Beaminster Festival attracted loads of people to the area, so thank you to all those working for the Festival. And as for the Big Day, The Beaminster Big Day, pictures are better than words – here is the link to Nathalie’s photo Diary of the Day – it says it all.

Some pictures of the Beaminster Festival events, a selection by Petrina Photos

The Brodsky Quartet celebrating 40 years together used a wheel of 40 pieces for a member of the audience to turn to select a piece they would play.


Paddy Ashdown with the Tale of the Cockleshell Heroes followed by Joglaresa with sin and song;



Broadband – Super or Not

I have been following the progress of the Broadband rollout ever since it started some four years ago. This is the contract that means that central Government, local authorities and the commercial operator all come together to get to the hard to reach areas of the County. I was very wary, then extremely concerned about how it would not reach us. I am back to watching it like a hawk as always, but more optimistic having had a good talk at the “launch” at Lulworth Castle today. It’s not actually a launch but we now have BT on site at Dorset County Council, really planning where Superfast will be rolled out. Those of us who get less than 2MB will get that. 97% will get Superfast but my continued concern is the 3% as was evident by the questions from the meeting – all bar one came from our area. Well done to all who attended and posed the difficult questions – I think we were very well represented from the Beaminster area, particularly from the Marshwood Vale. It will come, we need it for social, educational, business and by business we all know this means the farming community as well as tourism, visitors, everyone who needs to interact on-line.

Dorset Fire and Rescue

Our local Fire Service is fantastic and needs to stay that way. If you would like to find out more more about being a local fire fighter, there are great opportunities, so contact Beaminster Fire Station or me. Or would you like to help with helping others in ensuring their home fire safety is good? It’s a fantastic service to be involved with – checking that homes have what they should to protect residents, let me know.





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