18 August update

Bus Consultation – review of public subsidy on some bus routes

Further to the post of last week (see below for detail if you missed it), there is now a link to respond to the proposals on-line.  The buses in our area which are subject to discussion, which means that DCC Passenger Transport is proposing that the subsidy it gives to particular routes is withdrawn are those subject to the general principle that:

That they cost over £5  per passenger with subsidies in rural areas, over £3 on urban services.  Those carrying less than seven passengers per journey and a small number of subsidised summer-only tourist services will also be removed from subsidy by council tax payers. Additionally, There will be no subsidised services during evenings, Saturdays (unless they average 20 passengers per journey or more), Sundays, Bank Holidays unless additional external funding can be sourced.

For us in this area the buses that are currently subsidised and therefore under review because they cost more than £5 per passenger or the route has fewer than 7 on a bus, and within the other scope of review are:

Bus Number 14; 42; 47/47A; 73; 204

The link and ways to respond:

Full details of the proposal and the online form can be found at www.dorsetforyou.com/bussurvey

 For residents who don’t have computer facilities local libraries can help you access this information. Comments can also be made through town and parish council.

 The survey opens on Monday (19 August) and the closing date for feedback is 24 September

I am here to help answer questions you might have which might not be available via the consultation documents.


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