Update 20 August 2013 – recycling, street lights, Beaminster Tunnel & more

Recycling and rubbish collections

Across the County there is a move to use the Dorset Waste Partnership – generally well received so far and in Christchurch, the first place to have it, there was an increase in recycling to 75% – which is really quite significant and therefore saving us all a lot in payments via the council tax in paying for landfill.

It will reach us in West Dorset soon and I think just about everyone will welcome the recycling of plastics.  More detail to follow as the date to change gets nearer.

Street Lights – the turn off at night

It is likely that the roll out of switching off street lights at night will come our way in early 2014.  Generally it will not happen on A and B roads, or where there are road humps.  IF you feel strongly about your street lamps being turned off between midnight and 5.30am then please let the Town Council know.  The initiative has spread to most of the County now and is saving hundreds of thousands of pounds.  The police are monitoring to see if the switch off encourages crime – the result is not yet.  But if you are worried, please contact me.

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