Bus Route 47, Bridport, via Beaminster to Yeovil

Everyone involved in the discussion about this bus service knows how complicated it is. Two bus operators, changing time tables according to when it is in college holidays or not and conflicting figures about its use. So, let everyone concerned get back to what do we really need, If we started from scratch? My starter is a bus that runs a service of current route for young people and those getting to work from Bridport, Beaminster, Mosterton to Yeovil, first thing and last, to fit with the college and working day, all year around.

If we start at that, what else? This can be the bit that helps it continue. We need to look at the routes it is currently taking between the ‘working hours’, those routes it could serve other communities who are not happy with their current service. The result could be and should be that we look at all routes to really see if they are fit for purpose? I think this route of service could adapt to meet others during the day, meeting bus requests from other villages, filling the need others like Drimpton, Salway Ash, Broadwindsor and South Perrott would use. Let’s look at the whole picture, it makes sense

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