Beaminster Tunnel – vegetation update – controlling the himalayan balsam

An update you on how things are going with organising the treatment of Himalayan balsam around Beaminster Tunnel. This is a big issue for local landowners and residents and the countryside since himalayan balsam spreads v quickly and invades. 

A treatment program is being put together, using a specialist invasive weed contractor, which will start this year and run for three years at the site of the tunnel. This will involve three treatments of the plant per year and the contractor will work on the tunnel entrances and along the road verges on either side of the tunnel where Himalayan balsam is currently spreading. The DCC Natural Environment Team is working with the DCC Countryside staff in the area who have offered to co-ordinate volunteer days for local people to get involved in helping pull the Himalayan balsam where it is growing around the tunnel.  

Meetings with the contractor  on site will take place to decide when the first treatment will take place (as this depends on the growth rate of the plants). Each treatment will take two days and during these two days one lane of the road will be closed on the first day and the other lane will be closed on the second day, using temporary traffic lights. This is essential for contractor and driver safety. 

If you are interested in joining the volunteer days details will be following soon

Will keep you posted    Rebecca Knox

County Councillor for the Beaminster Division




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