Beaminster Town Council meeting of tonight

The Town Council meeting heard representations from the public about the planning application which is causing huge concern, known as Hollymoor. Though the planning application will not be discussed formally until next Monday at the town’s planning meeting, it was great to receive the reports from the residents at this stage. It was also welcome to hear that Beaminster would be represented to give evidence to the planning inspector Meetings next week to discuss all matters with the West Dorset draft planning framework which has still not been agreed.

Other matters discussed this evening included matters I reported on from the County Council which included the great joint work between various public services to address hospital admissions, early help for families and young people, Safe Drive week where all services were involved in giving strong educational messages to young people about driving safely, the awareness raising for everyone about child sexual exploitation. Everyone is aware of the reduction in finance for all services so I explained about the very difficult decisions that have to be made for instance between money for child protection and then on the other hand the demand for money to be spent on road improvements. I was then asked about the combination plans for Dorset Fire Authority and Wiltshire and Swindon Authority. Both have agreed, the combination has public and national and local political support, with some matters pending but all looks well to go ahead with the thoroughly thought out business plan. Community protection is key.

The town council also discussed crime prevention, allotments, the public hall and highway matters.

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