Beaminster Town Council planning committee this evening discuss Hollymoor development

Unsurprisingly for those of you following this development application the meeting tonight was standing room only. And again, unsurprisingly, since the matter had been thrown out by WDDC previously, in a different form agreed, no one in the audience agreed with it. Why had WDDC allowed this scenario to waste taxpayer monies…? But we are where we are.

I spoke against as the County Councillor for the area since my email box and other correspondence overwhelming says NO, but also importantly for me, this application does not address the key issues at all in terms of infrastructure, public services and conservation or environmental matters and the short or long term demands it will have on tax payers locally or County wide.

I of course declared a personal interest being a resident of East Street and another bearing in mind the DCC highways involvement. This was followed by others who were fantastic raising different points raised in opposition, before the Town Council planning committee set about their formal discussion. Since this is not the ultimate decision making body there is still time, until 18 December, to register resident and other bodies’ concerns or of course support if there is any (will there be any apart so far from Wessex Water which sadly I feel is thin in position and has not talked to the Environment Agency, a sad reflection on joint working). I have pointed out to Dorset ANOB that they need to be consulted, which they had not since WDDC did not ask them, and they are now looking at it.

Even though there was a rejection of the planning application tonight, which was unanimous from all, so well supported by I estimate to be 50 plus households represented, the more submissions in writing to WDDC planning portal would be great. Get writing. There were great points raised this evening but there are many more that were not explored in detail. That just indicates how a planning application made by professionals with some 100 documents seeks to overwhelm the no funded local views. Really important is that residents are now behind a local voice being coordinated by John Teasdale and Will Dixon, get in touch with them if you aren’t already.

Do what you can, all views should be given democratic time, equal representation and your view should count. Make it count, it’s your right.


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