Jim Spicer, MP for West Dorset 1974-97, and so much more

Sadly Sir Jim died on Saturday, he will be so missed by his family and many friends. I was asked today what his legacy might be. There are so many including great causes for local charities which he and Winfy supported, many founded by the two of them or highlighted by them as key for us in West Dorset,  which he had an amazing ability to find funding for from his friends and supporters and national support;  he championed them to extreme extents by swimming extraordinary distances and in winter weather conditions (the Boxing Day dip at West Bay) to raise money for and in a very typical Jim way which was acknowledged by others tonight in Beaminster, his ability to ‘park cars’ in the Beaminster Square and fund raise at the same time, it was the most effective way but very ‘Jim’ way, only he could do it!  Jim knew how important being an elected member for a local community was for everyone, no matter what age, he was brilliant at getting young people talking and acting on issues and getting involved to make a difference.  Jim loved talking to young people and asking them what they felt about local and national problems.  I was very fortunate to have known him all my life, he never told me what I should do, he asked me what I thought and I saw him ask that of so many other young people, politics aside, he really did want to understand and get young people involved in shaping our future in West Dorset, Beaminster, and our rural area.  Alongside the great causes he and his family embraced and still do, his legacy should also include for him and his family that of listening and acting on what young people think and feel that elected people should do for them and have a role in having their say.  

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