Beaminster, Hollymoor application refused by WDDC Development Committee is back

To the many of you who were concerned and now still are about the planning application locally referred to as Hollymoor, it is back again, submitted a day ago.  We need to study at this stage how it differs from the original which was turned down only in March 2015 by WDDC development committee, a democratically elected body, but there are new or perhaps same plans now available at >

It is early days, responses to this new or perhaps repeated application, we need to check, are due in June, so there is time to review and test what might be a new proposition. 

What can you do?  Email me so I can take your issues to those coordinating the matter or email direct to those you know are doing that.  I do not want to make public private email via this. I can take on the issues that I can help with, and pass the ones to do with WDDC to our district councillors for their help (Anthony Alford and Peter Barrowcliff) and the key residents who have driven the first effort so successfully for us all, so we are all involved.  We are a great local team.

Just to ensure anyone else who does not realise but all my ROI show I am a resident of East Street, local County Councillor.  I have no prejudicial interest in this application.

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