Community Emergency Planning event this pm notes #Beaminster as having a gold plated plan

I attended a Community Emergency Planning meeting tonight, in Dorchester, the first of many aimed at talking to communities about how to put in place a local community emergency response plan, why have one and the role of the First Response Teams (police, Dorset Fire & Rescue, the Enviornment Agency and utility companies to name a few), how they work with communities in times of many varied emergency situations.  Flooding featured highly throughout the debate.  One of my roles at the County Council is as an elected member oversight for community safety and as Chairman of the Dorset Fire Authority.  The meeting also heard about the pan Dorset Civil Contingency Unit, one of the first in the country, and the very well attended event facilitated questions from the representatives from Dorchester and neighbouring parishes.  When this event comes to other areas, I recommend it, it was incredibly informative.

 It just so happened that Beaminster’s community emergency plan was featured as an excellent example of putting one in place, adapting to local community risk and therefore resilience, and arriving at what was described as a ‘gold plated’ plan. So thanks to Sam Pearce at the Town Council for working so hard on it, she has done a wonderful job with the help of town councillors and the volunteers for each of the town’s area, the flood wardens who give their time so generously.

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