Beaminster Town Council meeting 27 July, I reported this evening on matters including

Beaminster Town Council meeting 27 July, I reported this evening on matters including:
LiveWell Dorset, a new service from Public Health Dorset to provide information and signposting to the service that can help residents with all matters concerning healthy living.  Current health improvement services vary across the county, but this new lifestyle service, called LiveWell Dorset, will act as a single point of contact that will help people with their health and wellbeing including advising people about their smoking, drinking, weight, diet and exercise, and assisting them to adopt a healthier lifestyle, potentially reducing the risk of developing more serious health issues later in life. The pathways for smoking cessation and health weight are already in place and the other two will be developed in coming months.

The service will be available to more than 750,000 people aged over 18 in Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset. It will offer local residents one county-wide contact number and a simple-to-use website that can help tailor the right level of support for each individuals’ needs. The hub aims to make it easier for community partners, such as voluntary organisations, charities and community groups, and health professionals to refer people to the service.

LiveWell Dorset launched on 1st April 2015. A team of specially trained wellness advisors assess each person over the phone and provide brief interventions designed to support healthy behaviour choices.

A service for people living in Dorset County, Bournemouth and Poole – providing information, guidance and support in helping you to stop smoking, lose weight, drink less and move more. Customer Telephone: 0800 8401628 / 01305 233105 – GP / Provider Telephone: 01305 233106

The Dorset Health and Wellbeing Board, which I Chair, met with key partners to discuss Road Traffic Collisions at a cross County workshop to assess what all services and communities need to address road safety matters.  The meeting of about 90 all involved in one way or another came to a consensus, that an urgent need to improve educating road users was needed.  There was much more which will be reported and discussed and actioned, once the deliberations have been analysed, inSeptember.  

The Clinical Commissioning Group’s Clinical Services Review and how to get involved, the consultation goes public in 2016, and what I am doing at the County Council at various levels to ensure proper engagement with plans being discussed.

Transport issues in Beaminster, those involving commercial bus routes, how these can deliver for the town, what other transport could help, a matter raised by a local resident.

Fire service joint working with the police. Discussion re progression in Beaminster.

Mobile Library Service Review, but only for those where very few books or users are being experienced.  Not the Library in Beaminster.

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