Beaminster Town

It was Beaminster’s Town council meeting last Monday.  The good news that it received was that finally the West Dorset Local Plan has been ratified.  I urged that it was now time to take the next step which other parishes and towns have started and that is to get a Neighbourhood plan in place.  This will mean an even more local statutory plan can be used to influence local planning development and decisions.

I also updated the town on the intelligence gathering exercise which is looking at what young people want from one sector of the County’s youth service; the action that has been taken by the Health and Wellbeing Board to help those addressing road safety; the joint initiative with the Dorset County Council and parish and town councils which is looking at how more can be done by local communities, freeing barriers to action.

The last subject is one which might take a while to implement but is really important in devolving powers downwards to parish and town residents.  So there is much to do and I believe is a move welcomed by many.  On the other hand there were two issues raised by the town councillors which were requests for the County Councillor to help with, local matters, so its not as easy as some might think.  When it comes to making difficult decisions one needs to have a mandate and act responsibility for the long term.

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