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Dorset County Council meeting today, 15 February 2016

The debate today centred on the future plans for the reduced budget. Contrary to some reports in the press, DCC has a significant reduction in finance.  I’m not going into that detail here, but there is less money than budgeted for but I would like to stress that like all orgnasiations the DCC does plan for reductions and that has happened ongoing through a very thorough committee system. The matter I talked about today focused on what we do about rural access, what we do about ensuring residents can still have transport from rural areas.  I so believe there is a way forward that can do better, and I look forward to the meeting I am having for our area, and can then be setting in train a way forward for others in the County.  This is about a network which can be flexible, include other forms of transport not just buses but all those vehicles which public, private and third sector have serving communities, localities.  For instance, do you see smaller buses with one person on board taking them to day care?  Taxis returning from a school, empty going back to their location?  School buses going back empty to Dorchester for instance or serving schools only? There is so much more we can link together to build another travel system which is flexible and adapt to the needs of rural areas.  In some cases I know that a link of say one or two miles could provide access to the traditional commercial bus network which would mean a much better way of serving rural areas, and introduce that to others who have never had a traditional bus.  
Beaminster and parishes – matters affecting young people, children and families, but actually us all

We have three matters of dominance at the moment which are each competing for all our help.

1. Youth Club, not specialist youth work, but Youth Club activity at Beaminster

2. The Beaminster Community Swimming Pool

3.  Plans for a Beaminster Skate Park and extended outdoor activity for all ages.

Each one of these matters is incredibly important for many reasons.  I am not going into the pros and cons of each because actually I think they are intrinsically linked and I know that the people I discuss about with each are passionate and share the same desire and outcome.

I think it would be great to get everyone concerned with all these initiatives in the same room, same meeting so as a collective we can share our experience, expertise, fund raising, governance and just simply the joint approach we need to get all we can going forward. Each should not be acting in isolation, there is no need for working in competition within a very small community.  Whose on for a joint meeting?   I really think we should have a joined up approach, share knowledge, plan for the next ten years, not just the next year.

What do you think?  Please email me at


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