A bit of an update, Beaminster Broadband

Fleet Street, Beaminster broadband box update.  There have been ongoing discussions about the much needed upgrade BTopenreach box to supply faster broadband speeds to those residents in the Fleet Street area of Beaminster.  This is the latest.

Following further technical review Openreach have confirmed a solution has been found which should get around the issue of buried services and permit use of the existing cabinet location for an all-in-one structure. This required a departure from standard procedures which has just been approved (use of single duct for both copper and fibre, usually two) and estimates are now being raised to get the remaining work programmed. This will require removal of the current cabinet, adjustment of footings and installation of a new all-in-one unit and associated connections. 

No scheduled dates are available at present, but the overall build programme is due to complete by early December of which this work forms a part.  The outcome is looking optimistic for this is the final instalment on this particular issue for the Town.

What I also add is that now that Beaminster is just about finally linked up to the ability for residents to access superfast broadband speeds, please remember that it does mean that automatically your internet will speed up.  Individually we all need to contact our service providers and upgrade contracts to receive the speedier upload and download service.  The latest survey has shown that not everybody is doing this, so please remember you need to express interest to receive it, some suppliers, your ISP may do it for little or no money, others might charge more.   This is demand led, the more who buy in, the cheaper it gets.   

For the many others not living in the Beaminster town area, I do hope that increasingly when you test the broadband speed availability it’s getting better, just about every area is either connected or there is a plan for it by 2017 via BTopenreach, and then your individual internet suppliers.  Where there is a disconnect some great work is happening to use the forthcoming 4g mobile network being supplied via the Cabinet Office and Home Office for emergency services.  Again, you do need to look to your mobile phone supplier to establish upgrades.  It is coming.

What has been surprising is that where there is now a superfast connection, the takeup has yet to be seen in the numbers predicted.  So please check, you might not have realised it was available.

Should you have any queries in the interim please let me know

With best wishes Rebecca

County Councillor for the Beaminster Division


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