Primary Care, GP practices and more

Statement as a result of a debate today at the Dorset County Council.  There is a document too which is a very good introduction to the debate,

Document link:

Primary Care Strategy Statement from the Clinical Commissioning Group:

We want to be absolutely clear that we have no plans to close any practices and any claims that we do are inaccurate. We are in fact actively working across Dorset to support practices where they are facing the greatest pressures.

Primary Care faces a number of challenges in the future, and if we continue as we are doing, our workforce and finances could soon become overstretched.

 The draft Primary Care Commissioning Strategy and Plan considers how services could be delivered differently to ensure they are safe and sustainable for the future; for example consolidation of sites or back office functions. This draft version of the strategy which is on our website has been circulated to key stakeholders to gain their views.

Our ongoing strategy is to work with local groups of practices to help shape the way in which we will deliver services to meet future population needs. This includes looking at how we would support new models of care.

It is up to individual GP surgeries to decide whether to merge or not as they are independent contractors, we cannot force any change.  

We have been listening to the pressures that General Practice faces and it is clear that practices will have to work together and explore new ways of working and looking at transforming the way care is delivered if we want to ensure that services are sustainable in the future.

Dorset CCG


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