Travel arrangements update – Bridport, Beaminster, Broadwindsor, Mosterton & On

UPDATE – 26 September 2017

The situation regarding what is now being referred to as the College Bus: Dorset County Council speedily arranged this when we saw the First timetable. It leaves Bridport at 7.30am, it gets to Beaminster at 7.46 – I will need to find out the rest of the schedule but it goes along the “40” as was. At the moment it is for students. What we are trying to do is assess how many others would like to be on it – those working or wanting to go to Yeovil regularly (one day a week or more) so there is an evidence of demand for the service and can become one provided with the support of First, College, Schools, DCC and take fares. So please, let me or your parish/town councils know,  all the ones along the route,  about as many people you know who would use it so we can change it from a student route to a student commuter and others service. The return journey is at the end of the day. This is what can happen when change occours, its not the best way, but that demand we hear from you and others can be really good in finding solutions.

Also, I recently posted about the current community link services.  This is on the Broadwindsor Community site, can be accessed at which might be a bit confusing, sorry.  I will endeavour to get more information out on those and of course the parish and town councils are working incredibly hard too to find out what your views and needs are.

For Beaminster residents, the Dorset County Council Saturday service known as the CB3 will run until 21 October.  In the meantime a great deal of work is being done with Beaminster Town Council to see what a community link could look and service as.





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