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“Today in Beaminster representatives from many of the businesses in Beaminster joined with Councillors and officers from Dorset County Council, West Dorset District Council and Beaminster Town Council. This is not a minute of the meeting but a summary of actions agreed. The people attending were those who have views as shops and others who can make things happen to help the businesses and therefore residents and visitors. What is key too are the views of the village residents who use Beaminster as their preferred place to come and shop and access GPs, Vets etc. The most important and short term objective is to clear the A3066 so that two way traffic can be reinstated with no use of car parking spaces on the Square. If this can be done in the very near future, some other issues to mitigate will not be needed. While the professional advisers who can decide on the future of the building and what tasks are needed for this continue at pace to assess the situation have their important discussion, and this is their call quite rightly, there are some short term measures which were agreed needed to happen whatever that outcome which other authorities can help with. The other short term objective was to make parking availability a priority, whether increased or other. Everyone wants the same outcome, everyone wants to help and be positive – this needs all working together. Highways and Signage The “no entry” signs up what is now a two way street between The Greyhound and Salon on the Square will be covered and instead there will be more prominence to signs to indicate it is two way with priority from the Square. In addition there will be parking signs to the Yarn Barton Car Park placed at the entrance of this street and on the A3066 coming up from Prout Bridge and additional signage to the Yarn Barton Car Park from the Hogshill Street side. No signage outside of the town and no diversions needed Travel information from Dorset Travel to be revised to be “real time” not generic. Visit Dorset – Beaminister is Best message ACTION IMMEDIATE Other IF it turns out that there is more than a short term wait for two way traffic on the A3066 then suggestions to move some signs relating to the traffic lights will be progressed but this will need changes to road markings, which in themselves causes disruption. Having looked today our highways professional advised to only do this if there was a longer impact. Movement at the moment without road markings would give rise to more car parking spaces being removed on Prout Bridge. Action: ongoing review, hoping that two way traffic happens short term. Highways alert to act if needed BUSES Bus Stop going west – to change the Bus stop from the Julia and move to Hogshill Street. This has been requested by Beaminister Town Council but this afternoon it was stopping outside the Flower Shop. DCC will also add to the request to change to Hogshill Street. ACTION IMMEDIATE Parking West Dorset District Council and Beaminster Town Council will discuss urgently suggestions made to improve parking for employees of businesses and those visiting the town. Both Councils have responsibility and potential ability to change arrangements. TO BE ADVISED PENDING DISCUSSION WITHIN THEIR PROCEDURES BUT WILL BE PRIROTISED NB On street parking is for the Dorset County Council and no issues were alerted except of course if parking can be re-introduced outside the Post Office and Pharmacy, but with the traffic lights not possible at the moment. As soon as possible these will be reinstated. DCC has got a piece of land off Clay Lane that is grassed but could be used for parking if needed but it is a way from the Square. It can be considered and put into action if you want – just say so and I can do that. BEAMINSTER SCHOOL ACCESS At the meeting there was a Beaminster School Governor who will discuss with the Head Teacher about advice to parents and staff about how it would be extremely helpful at this time not to use Fleet Street for any access. OTHER MATTERS – more medium term. Funding support for the Town – what is referred to as 106 monies- this is money that goes to the Town Council and others as a result of building – now more known as CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy). WDDC hold that and will look at what is available to help this situation. ROADWORKS OF ALL SORTS PLANNED FOR BEAMINSTER SHORTLY This is really important. There are quite a lot of road works planned over the next weeks and months for Beaminster – many so wanted by residents and ones I have been asking for. So this load of really wanted road improvements are welcome but not if we have a road restriction in the centre. So Prout Bridge railings, Culverts, Wessex Water on Bridport Road, road improvements on Fleet Street, surfacing Hogshill and more – all needed but be assured there will not be loads of traffic restrictions due to the ones now. The highways officers will now juggle to ensure all the above happen but not when there is this current traffic light issue – they will be pragmatic and ensure it is all planned properly to ensure the through few of traffic is priority but the works are not lost. EXTRA There were talks about “barriers” at the meeting. Whether the cones and ribbon on the Square or those to be NO ENTRY at the “Brassica” end.. Conclusion – no one wants even more big huge barriers. Cones and ribbon will continue for now. No entry at Brassica will continue unless there is not short term change to the works in which case the whole road work will be looked at to allow access there, but in the meantime more attractive barriers will be sourced. So that is where we are and the following people are the ones to contact on issues you might have: Robin Cheeseman – works re the property Rebecca Knox -highways and signage Richard Barker – business coordinator Chris Turner – parking at the Pavilion and town issues Antony Alford – Yarn Barton Parking


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