The Dorset NHS Clinical Commissioning Group public engagement on GP services

I thought it might help to post a summary from the NHS CCG about their current public engagement strategy concerning the future of GP services.  There is a longer more detailed document available from their website too.  There is the opportunity to have your say about local services, keeping them closely embedded in local communities.  They are truly valued.

The Link to the larger Primary Care Commissioning Strategy is Dorset NHS website

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There is no better way than to spend the day in West Dorset

I have lived in West Dorset all my life, but every trip out and about reveals another view of how we all are ensuring the communities we value adapt to meet new ways of working, moves with the times but also adapts to ensure West Dorset thrives and protects at the same time the beauty and traditions of where we live. I was out and about today in the Marshwood Vale area, Stoke Abbott, Pilsdon, Laverstock, Broadwindsor, Salway, Dottery.  There is so much going on to sustain rural businesses, farming and a real vision for what young people can get involved with locally so they see a future working and living here.  We have great schools, a fantistic loyalty to locally produced food and drink.  I would like to hear from you about what you want to change to help our area even more.   Please tell me, I’m here to help.  Rebecca

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Dorset County Council Election 4 May

I am standing as your local candidate for Beaminster and the local area which is so important, for the Dorset County Council election on 4 May.  I hope you have my election brochure.  I have been out and about and have had some really helpful talks about what you feel is important for the area.   I will continue to be out and about, but as you know, this is no change for me since I am always on hand to help with whatever issues you have and ready to discuss those you feel need to be aired.  My contact details whether for social media or direct email are all available if you search Rebecca Knox Dorset and on the leaflet.  But if you cannot do that, please post on this site.  And if you would, please post on the like button on facebook, that would be great.  My details are of course on all publications.  I have much to add to my election brochure so if you do want more detail please let me know.  If you would like a local meeting just say.  If you don’t have my leaflet please let me know   I can email it





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Beaminster & area update

Parnham House – you are all aware of the devastating fire in the early hours this morning.  I was there just after 8am and can assure you that of course our Fire & Rescue Service and Police were working fantastically to put the fire out and investigate how it started.  Beaminster Fire Crews were praised for the way they arrived on the scene and established the ground control.  I know that everyone wants to understand what happened, up at the Littlewindsor pt-pt races this afternoon and around the villages and town I heard how you all feel a great sadness, which it is.  Please let the police know if you saw or heard or might of heard or seen anything odd in the area.  At the same time this is a personal tragedy for the family, so please respect that and I am sure all our thoughts are with them at this really hard time, respect their privacy.   The local footpaths around Parnham are closed, and this is understandable at this time.



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Broadband Update for Broadwindsor area

Faster broadband is now available to people in Littlewindsor thanks to Superfast Dorset . . . and we need your help as local community leaders to spread the word.


Maximising the number of people who take up superfast broadband brings many benefits – more connected communities, economic growth and it help us shift more public services online. Early and high levels of take-up also bring in money that can be reinvested in greater speeds and coverage across Dorset.


Residents and businesses won’t get faster broadband automatically. People must contact their supplier and ask to switch to a fibre service. Superfast broadband is now cheaper than ever. The cost will depend on what the customer orders, but prices can be comparable to standard broadband.


We will shortly deliver the attached leaflet to all homes in Littlewindsor which are able to order fibre broadband. More information about the fibre to the premises (FTTP) technology delivered in Littlewindsor can be seen at


Thank you for your help in letting people in Littlewindsor know they now have access to the fastest fibre broadband speeds in Dorset.

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Update from Rebecca Knox

Blog From Rebecca, villages around and Beaminster

Many of you will have attended the recent public consultation day event for very draft proposals for housing in and around Beaminster – the event was held by West Dorset District Council (it is now of course part of a tri council agenda) as part of their part 1 public consultation on bringing back the need to explore where sites for new housing might be sited in the area.  The attendance was great from Beaminster and area residents, and all your views will be considered by the WDDC and others but the outcomes and consensus from you is that more affordable housing is what is needed and sites already agreed in the previous plan do allow for much of this, perhaps not all.

The discussion I am having too is about key worker housing, those housing needs for people who work for our social care needs (across all ages), schools (teachers and all those who work in our schools as teaching assistants and for children’s primary care needs for instance, and young people social care), for our GPs, NHS nurses and their families, so that we have housing which suits what a town and local area need to support locally.  Suitable housing also needs to include the desire many in our area would like so they can live independently, we have an aging population and everyone’s needs should be considered.  Young people are looking for that first home, to fit with their employment and future need. It is welcome that at this early point of exploring what is available to work with in terms of land availability, your views are and will be taken into account.  Living independently at later stages in life also needs planning – I and others have listened and we must look at housing which includes living as independently as possible with appropriate care.

These decisions about the most fundamental and important issue for you, your loved ones, starts with where you live and how you connect to work, friends, family, fun and feeling safe.  Connections are key.  Public transport can be key for many and what is being explored by the Dorset County Council is how to make the public transport connections for the Town and villages work best for those who need it.  Why have transport going places you want to go, back to a place empty just because they are labelled for one purpose?  this is changing.  This is already producing great services, more than public ever did – thank you all for getting involved.

There are some really great developments ongoing to make the connections from the more rural areas to the public bus network through community bus links – this has really taken off since subsidised routes were reviewed.  In many areas, not all but I hope we reach all very soon, there is now more choice of how to get from one place to another than ever before, using taxpayers money, your money, more effectively.  What is really welcoming and this has been pushed by me and others, from the authority and from you, is to use that time or capacity of school buses when they are not being used for school transport – this and using the social care mini bus fleet can really enhance the whole transport system approach.

Our NHS health services:  there is a national and therefore Dorset debate going on – the need to integrate social care with GP and the NHS services in Dorset and importantly for those of us in West Dorset, Beaminster and the local area, how to ensure local delivery of primary, and acute health services continue.  As far as I am aware our local GP practices are with you and hugely value your support of the services they provide (CCG aside at this point) and what the local authority which provides social care wants to do is to work with GPs, community based services build this even more so that locality based early help, primary care and much more is available as close to home as possible.  There has recently been a consultation by what is the Clinical Commissioning Group called the Clinical Services Review which provoked a suggestion about the future of our GP surgeries.  You or your neighbours or your local Councillor, Me, do not accept the scaremongering suggestions.  I am really working hard to support that local delivery, it could include so much more too with more investment in early help and prevention working with social care.

Schools are key to this, for  long term health and wellbeing, safety and prosperity for our local communities.   We have the most outstanding reputation in Dorset, and particularly in and around Beaminster, for the best start in life for young people.  Families move here because we have a fantastic school education system.  The connections through the school “pyramid” – the working together between nursery, primary and secondary schools is fantastic providing choice of study at secondary schools ultimately (look at the Beaminster and Colfox connection and Kingston M, Weymouth and Yeovil) , and with primary schools who are all working together, just such great learning, practical and academic.  The staff and governors at our schools are stars (and if you feel you could give anything via being a volunteer to governor, they would all welcome you) because really good schools like we have in the area are down to the Head, the staff, the Governors, the Parents/loved ones and so importantly from what I have seen as a Governor and Councillor role for the Community is listening and learning from the pupils – young people’s views are just invaluable.

We are so very fortunate to live in a wonderfully beautiful area – I have lived here all my life, I value the opportunities it gave me when I was growing up and still do, even more so I look back on the freedom I had and do have now to enjoy the incredible beauty of our area but at the same time one that is providing jobs and opportunity for all to live their lives in a place which many as visitors pay to come on their precious breaks from work.   I am going to do a next blog about how our County service for the beautiful area we live in is now doing so much to make it better, not because it has to, but because we are now valuing it all so much more than we did just even 10 years ago.  So much has changed in values, our natural environment is a cure for many things.

We have been assessed, and I know there are some areas I need to work with more on this, as the fastest growing digital economy in the country – we want to live and work here and are starting businesses, working from our beautiful environment, really trying and succeeding to create a rural work place, how great is that but it needs more.

I’m here to help as always.  The way to help is to break down barriers and to build the work together agenda.

Rebecca Knox









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Clinical Services Review – what happens next – this para piece is from the CCG

NHS Dorset CCG would like to thank everyone who took part in the public consultation on proposals developed under the Clinical Services Review, which took place between 1 December 2016 and 28 February 2017.

During the consultation thousands of people had their say on proposals for specific roles for hospitals in Poole and Bournemouth, as well as community services and the redistribution of beds in the county. Under the proposals Dorset County Hospital in Dorchester would be largely the same as it is now.

As of midnight on 28 February, over 12,000 questionnaires had been submitted, however this number is expected to rise as the total number of responses is counted and confirmed over the coming days.

In addition, over 1000 people took part in telephone surveys and focus groups held by Opinion Research Services (ORS).

Around 1800 people attended 16 drop-in events, with hundreds more taking the opportunity to speak to the team at 25 pop-up events across the county.

The team also answered over 560 queries and concerns from members of the public and organisations.

What happens next?

Over the coming months Opinion Research Services (ORS) will analyse the views and information gathered during the public consultation to produce a report, which we expect to publish by summer 2017.

This report will inform the final business case, which will be presented to the CCG’s Governing Body in late 2017 to assist them in the decision making process. The information in the report will be fully and thoroughly deliberated by the Governing Body before it makes its decisions, which will then be widely publicised.

During this time updates will be given via, the local media and other networks, for example the Health Involvement Network and Patient Participation Groups.



For your information

Dorset County Council Cabinet will be discussing a paper this Wednesday 8 March – there are concerns expressed within this which helpfully outlines where the CCG and social services care and public health can work together to greater effect particularly within local communities.

Rebecca Knox







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